What could of caused this injury?

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    I found one of my 4 week old pullets, Russet, in this condition several minutes ago. She was not like this this morning, so this had to have happened within the last couple of hours. She is kept with 15 other 4 week old chicks in a 20X20 pen with a six foot ceiling. The pen does have chicken wire around the outside (it's chain link covered in chicken wire).


    I cleaned it with water the best I could and put R-7 ( anti septic for animals) on it. She is by herself in the recovery cage and, other than angry at being taken away from her flock, does not appear to notice that shes been scalped. [​IMG]
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    My guess is that she was pecked, and if there was some blood, others joined in and bloodied her head and neck. Apply some Vetericyn or triple antibiotic ointment twice a day. The skin will heal and may turn hard and crusty before it comes off to reveal new feathers growing in, in about 3 weeks. At that time the new feathers will be very attractive to the others to pull out, so something like BluKote or a bad tasting cream such as Nustock or Coal Tar may help prevent further pecking. Look for any bullies and separate them. Keep the injured chick separated with a little fence or pen near the others so that she remains part of the flock. Make sure they have at least 20% protein in their chick grower, and are not overcrowded.
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    She was pecked by the others. My jersey giant chick went through the same thing. I removed her from the coop and put her with a younger group. I washed it out and let it heal. It will take roughly 2-3 weeks to heal. Just as EGGCESSIVE mentioned, it turned hard and crusty, then the feathers started filling in. She is now completely healed. The reason for the injury was overcrowding. I have them in a bigger coop and no issues.

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