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8 Years
Dec 14, 2011
I bought 15 chickens in April-May all at the same time, all supposed to be hens. They all grew up together and had no problems at all until about 2 months ago, i went into the chicken coop and one of them was laying on the ground. i tried to get her to move but she couldn't, one of her legs couldnt move and her foot was curled up. two roosters slipped in the bunch, but i believe the injured one is a hen, but not sure what happend to her. We took her to the feed store and they said she could have popped her leg out of socket. We put a splint on her leg and she can walk excellent now, but has an occassional limp. i put her in a seperate cage inside the coop, so the other ones would still see her everyday and i wouldnt have to reintroduce her, so she could heal. A Week later, i put her on the ground with the others, and most of them didnt mind. But there was another hen that just straight up attacks her constantly. i dont if she maybe hurt her in the first place or what, but i seperated the attacker from the rest of the hens. The hurt one does fine mixed with all of the others. Why does

that one hen always attack her?
She could have been injured from the cockerels trying to mate her. I've had pullets with leg injuries from overzealous cockerels. They mature faster than the pullets do. Give her some time off her leg, and she should be okay.

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