What day do your coturnix quail hatch?

Oct 16, 2020
this is my 4th hatch, and I swear, every time I incubate eggs, they hatch later than I think they will. I always assume they are all gonners, give them another 12 hours, and THEN they hatch.

Do you guys get your hatch mainly on day 18? 19? 17?
This time, day 17 on the dot. All within 3 hours of each other. Thermostat on the Little Giant incubator was set to 99.8 degrees, and a calibrated thermometer confirmed even temperature between 99 and 100 degrees throughout. I am a big fan of fans -- adding a fan and circulating the air inside was a literal life-saver.

I also open every egg because if I can't see where the chick failed, I can't improve the process. It's yucky but necessary. This time, there were no chicks forming in the three that did not hatch.
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I once had a button quail hatch SIX DAYS after her hatch date! She did struggle to grow when she was little and is still slightly smaller than the others but she's alive! I usually give two to three days after the last quail chick hatches before I autopsy the rest of the eggs.
I’ve been too much of a baby to autopsy my eggs so far, but my hatch rate seems to be getting better, so I think I’m on the right track.

what seems to work is using a dehumidifier until lockdown, insulating my incubator with a towel or in a styrofoam box, and turning the heat up like a half a degree during the second part of incubation, then down to a half a degree below 99.5 for lockdown.

ive got little ones hatching today, day 18. Four of the 10 eggs have hatched so far within about a 5 hour window, which is an improvement even from my last hatch! (I got 9/10 last time, but they were staggered over 36 hours.)

This time, I put an X on the three eggs I suspect are infertile, so I can see whether I can judge fertility accurately by weight/feel.

Merry Christmas!

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