What day does McMurray ship on for "week of 3/9" orders?

Eric in NC

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Dec 5, 2008
Is that on Saturday 3/7 or 3/14 or when? Can you tell I have chicks comming "week of 3/9"?
I called McMurray to see what day they ship on and it is a Saturday. They said delivery takes 3 days. I don't understand shipping on Saturdays at all, Ideal ships on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and gets chicks to me in ONE day.
Yeah - I know they ship on Saturday - was wondering which one "week of 3/9" meant. (3/7 or 3/14).
My chicks were due week of 3/9 and I got a call from my post office yesterday, so they came on 3/7 I was expecting a call on Saturday night to let me know that they were there and ready for pick up on Sunday, so I guess it is different depending on where you live, I live in West Central Wisconsin:th
Also have an order fo3/9. My first order from MM. Ya'll got me worried!! 3 days is a long time for baby chics in transit. Too much time for anythig to happen!!
I too am awaiting a 3/9 order from McMurray. We called them yesterday, because we were confused as to when to expect them. They said they shipped out yesterday (Sat.). We've been anxiously awaiting a call from the PO ever since. Hopefully they'll wake me up bright and early tomorrow.
everytime we've ordered from mm the chicks arrived at the post office sunday morning and the post office called us to come get them, the mail system has people working on off hours all the time

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