What did you do in the garden today?

Compost King

Free Ranging
Apr 19, 2018
Salisbury, North Carolina
Today in the Garden, I did a lot of watering because it had been a few days since any plants received water... then it rained lol. I picked a lot of red cayenne peppers. I grow these every year even though I do not grow anything else in normal times. Can't get these peppers in the store and I grow them so well. Most years I pick them green because I eat so many of them so fast. This year I have so many other garden Veggie to eat that I wasn't keeping up on Cayenne Peppers and I am starting to get red ones which I love. I picked some Cucumbers and Tomatoes too, I am picking them faster than I can eat them now. So I started fermenting them. I planted a few more Bok Choy stumps and Onion bottoms from the Kitchen... sometimes they root and sprout sometimes they do not.

I also picked a Carolina Reaper that had turned red which means I processed a chicken tonight. I have about 5 Orange ones now so in a the next couple of days I will have to process 5 chickens. I freeze the bone Carcasses after removing the breast meat from the bones and leg/wing meats with 1 Carolina Reaper so when I make Broth I have a Reaper ready to make the broth sting just a little.

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