What did you do in the garden today?


Nov 30, 2018
Lakeside, OR
I got the "doors" cut and set for the compost bins and moved a little more than half to the new bin and one of the cleared raised beds. I need someone (who isn't nearly 67) to climb into the bin and smoosh down the tomato and squash vines to make more room before I can move much more into that bin. Then got distracted by the bajillion ripe cherry tomatoes that needed to be picked, brought those into the kitchen and got distracted by the half loaded dishwasher, remembered to call the neighbor to see if she was busy so I could take her a half bajillion cherry tomatoes. I also did get the cold brewed coffee strained and put in the fridge and got a new batch of that started and refilled the coffee ice cube trays. Went back outside and processed the vile smelling borage (smells like liquified cattle manure) compost tea and shared it out to the potted vegetables. I need to get another batch going since this is the end of the borage for the season, but I am just going to sit here for a little while. It is a lovely day, cool enough to get things done and with all the rain we've had lately I didn't have to fuss with watering.

Oh, and in case anyone else is a leek growing newbie, I harvested my leeks. This is some of them before trimming:
Leeks Before Trimming (1).jpg

And this is what they look like after trimming:
Leeks After Trimming.jpg

I'm so new to them I was surprised at how they looked before trimming and how different after.

And @penny1960, I'm sorry for the lost of your silky and I meant to say so earlier.


Jan 24, 2008
Greetings Everyone. ;lovely to read all your garden news.

I have been weeding today, but we have had rain, so I'll need to flick more soil off the biggest weeds tomorrow, as so much stuck to the roots. I'm going to put cloches there next, to warm the soil for beans. Tomorrow, if the rain stays away, I will fork over another area for root crops.

I grew some Zinderella zinnias last year, and was a bit disappointed that so many of them were single. I began wondering whether they set seed or are a sterile hybrid, and a bit of web searching tells me that you can save the seeds, and hand pollinating the best blooms is the way to improve the line. I found an intriguing thread about breeding zinnias at https://garden.org/thread/view/34248/It-can-be-fun-to-breed-your-own-zinnias/?offset=
It's not as if I *need* another project, but as I was going to grow them anyway, I may as well give it a whirl!


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Apr 9, 2013
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I am sitting here blinking...I've been fretting about getting my shallot and garlic sets and it never occurred to me to order them through amazon. :th
I got my garlic from southern exposure seed exchange, never used them before and I ordered it in April I think. Amazon is good for a lot of stuff I haven’t been able to find in the stores though!

Wee Farmer Sarah

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Oct 8, 2018
North Central Massachusetts
Good morning gardeners. We actually got a little rain overnight. Not enough to penetrate the tree canopies. But the air is a bit humid and less dusty. The heavy rains are supposed to come Tuesday evening into Wednesday. I got my BES and the tulip bulbs planted yesterday. I also started filling in the big dip in the yard. After the rain settles it I'll add some more dirt then plant grass seed. I still have a lot of dirt in my driveway. I'm planning on using a lot of it to freshen the dirt in the chicken runs. Love the leeks @NewBoots. The first year I planted them they did ok. They weren't huge, but ok and had good flavor. I tried them in the new bed that got less direct sunlight and they didn't do well at all. Maybe they didn't like being close to potatoes. Something to ponder over winter. Not much else going on in the garden. The leaves are coloring up nicely. I've noticed that the acorns are heavier and more ripe this year. Last year it was a carpet of green acorns everywhere. I'm thinking we might see some decent snow this winter. I don't mind shoveling and I'll take snow over ice storms anyday. Have a great day everyone.


Apr 23, 2019
I looked for shallot sets on Amazon just yesterday & decided to buy from a nursery instead, they weren't any cheaper on Amazon & the reviews weren't that great. But, I have ordered seeds from Amazon. Along with the shallot sets I ordered hairy vetch to try a cover crop in some of the beds. This will be my first experiment with a cover crop in the garden.

@NewBoots the leeks are beautiful! Can you give me a quick overview of how you make your compost tea?

A neighbor brought over a ton of hot cherry peppers he grew for DH so I have some marinating in vinegar that will be stuffed with provolone & prosciutto & then marinated again in oil. Then I have 1 jar fermenting in a brine for a hot sauce. :idunno

I was sitting out on the deck yesterday & noticed that the trees are turning. I rarely leave the property these days so I hadn't noticed!

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