What did you do in the garden today?


Jun 12, 2018
Kauai, Hawaii
Yes, aloha kakahiaka gardeners!
We are enjoying a light rain today too! Our temps are pretty much perfect and all is well in the land of me. I'd like to get out and do some trimming. My Claradendrom is a fast grower and our palms look shaggy, plus we have leaves everywhere! I can clean out the plantings under the Kukui tree.
Stay well all!


Free Ranging
Feb 21, 2010
Sparland IL
I guess I am going to respond with a question for you @WthrLady and all. Is anyone freezing their eggs?
I think I am going to start. I usually have plenty takers for free eggs and with this pandemic it has made me feel good to share when I can with those I think could use a boost... but
Doc told DH he needs to Quarantine for 14 and I am pretty sure that means me too? Just for safety. I am positive we will be negative on our tests but this certainly puts a spin on things.
Lookup water glassing eggs on youtube .


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Jun 11, 2013
Cedar Hill, Missouri
And all my customers disappeared. And NO ONE wants to pay fresh egg prices after having 98 cent walmart eggs.
My girls never slowed down this year either, of course.
I sell my eggs for $2.00 a dozen, $3.00 for an 18 pack. Most of my customers rave about how much better tasting my eggs are than store bought ones.
One customer wants a dozen a week because it’s all her elderly mother in law will eat. She won’t eat the store bought eggs, just the farm fresh ones.
Walmart had more TP today than they did a few days ago! But they do have signs out asking you to limit yourself to 1 package.
I used my left over roast chicken and made chicken pot pie soup. It’s pretty good but not real healthy as it has a lot of butter and some heavy cream in it. But lots of veggies too.


Free Ranging
Jul 24, 2014
WestOak, Nebraska
Mine are 3.50 a dozen and I'm loosing money on that. We keep track.
We have to be state licensed to sell eggs. Even though of all the people I know I'm the only one that has a license.
They must be washed. They must be refrigerated. They must be in new labeled cartron.
I would make a profit at $6 a dozen, but outside of Whole Foods, my customers won't pay that. $8 a dozen and I'd break even at farmer's market with the cost of the space.

My darling DS helped me gut out the pantry today. We checked every box and put large print expiration labels on EVERYTHING. Color Coded by year and then numbered month.

I've been wanting to do that for years. I tossed two paper sacks of grossly expired stuff. Pathetic. But not as bad as I thought.

It was sorted by type of item before, but now it is REALLY easy to see what I'm out or low of. Bless his little heart!

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