What did you do in the garden today?


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Jul 24, 2014
WestOak, Nebraska
Good morning gardeners. We did get our first frost of the season. It was 34F when I got up this morning. It's warmed up to 43F currently at 10 am EDT. I'm finally installing the extra window I bought for the big chicken coop. I drilled the pilot holes when I went out for the early morning feeding. Then I pulled the 100 ft. extension cord out of the potting shed. Hopefully it won't take long to cut the hole and install the window. With all the rain, winds and clouds forecasted for this week the new window will brighten up the inside of the coop quite a bit. Obviously no work is planned in the garden today. When this weather system is finally over I plan to get the tulip bulbs in the ground. I know the price of maintaining chickens here in New England has gone up quite a bit this past year @WthrLady. But that's our reality. I checked online and TSC has the 40 pound bags of All Flock at almost $19 a bag. I usually get the 50 pound bags at a different store and the last time I bought feed they were about $18 a bag. Hopefully they haven't gone up in the past month. The shavings used to be $5.99 for an 8 cubic foot bale. They were $6.49 about 3 weeks ago. I understand prices vary from region to region and if you have the need and the storage space then buying in bulk can lower the overall cost. But that is not the reality for the typical backyard chicken wrangler. Sorry, I wasn't ranting, just explaining. Have a great day everyone.
No it' OK. Wanted to make sure you were being over charged. I get the pine shaving for 3 for 10 on sale and won't buy unless they're below 5.
All flock was 18 a bag here this morning, I looked.
I didn't escape this morning for less than 100$
and lets not talk about the people grocery bill. UGH.


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Dec 29, 2015
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We shop at Costco so meat is sold in bulk for the most part but of the highest quality ..
We had these storms forcasted .. Went out a lul in the rain.
Had finished cleaning the tables started to pour then came the thunder. I parked on the edge of one of the tables .. Thunder it did couple real good ones ..
Now I am back in dented one egg in my pocket but had 9
in there .. Sun came out of all things now

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Oct 8, 2018
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I’m heading to the feed store tomorrow. Gee, can’t wait. I remembered I still have a Nutrena coupon so that should take a tiny bit of the sting out of it. I did manage to get the extra window installed in the chicken coop. There wasn’t time to seal it but it should be fine. With the sun shining it was seriously bright inside. Food prices and paper products are insane right now. I checked and discovered BJ’s had turkeys in stock so after the leaf peeping trip to a nearby mountain we stopped and picked up a turkey. My freezer is packed now. I can see my Social Security COLA dwindling away before I even see it.


Sep 29, 2021
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Cleared out the squash bed since the vines are all dying off, then weeded, then dug in a bit of slow-release fertilizer, planted some soft-neck garlic, and then deep-mulched. First time trying a soft-neck variety, very excited for next spring to see how it does! Waiting on my tomatoes to slow down before planting hard-neck garlic. I usually have better luck planting that a bit later in the season, anyway, but man, my tomatoes are still going bonkers.

Non-gardening-related -- my brother and I have been designing a 3D-printed coop vent to assist with keeping moisture out without sacrificing ventilation.


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Dec 29, 2014

I ordered 25 persimmon seedlings . Should arrive tomorrow . Wildlife planting and some human consumption . I will grow them in the garden until they get larger . Found out the hard way they are too small to plant in the woods yet . Persimmon is not common here but will grow here .

I had bad luck with persimmons. it seems it was too hot for them.


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Aug 7, 2011
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Getting ready to plant more daffodils and tulips for the spring - I dislike this chore, but it certainly pays off ;)
A couple weeks ago I had stuff for our projects to buy at our local Hardware/Garden store, and couldn't resist buying this :
I planted the bulbs in a couple large containers, then added a lot of mulch on top, assuming we would get frost soon and they would stay dormant and come up in spring. But, look what is happening: the bulbs are sprouting! What should I do? Let them grow and hope they survive, put a thicker layer of mulch over them for winter, bring them inside?

All of us need to grow sweet potato and everything else we can, that we and our animals like to eat, and buy from local, non-corporate farmer neighbors more and shop less at the corporate grocery and corporate feed store criminals stores !!!
Added a bit of my own rant in green here to go with yours...
At our local feed store the other day, 40# bags of layer pellets were $14.99 each, 50# rice bran was 15.99, 50# bag of alfalfa pellets was 13.99 (even though an actual bale of alfalfa hay weighing 75-80# was $23, go figure - I'm guessing the crazy increases are due to fuel costs.) A compressed 50# bale of alfalfa wrapped in plastic was $20! I think I'll stick with 50# alfalfa pellets for 13.99, even thought that's still a huge increase from recent years.
Bales of pine shavings were up to 8.99 from 7.99 (did not buy, I'll stick with free "chip drop" and sift through it.) I didn't look at how much straw cost, I'm sure it would have been equal to actual hay, since current prices seem to reflect transportation costs more than the nutritional value of whatever the commodity is. Which makes me feel really bad for our farmers and producers who can only make a decent livelihood by shipping their produce overseas, and they still barely break even.
I try to grow what I can, buy from local people.
I still have a metric ton of green tomatoes, I need to pick some more for relish at the least.
Same here! I keep telling myself to strip every tomato and pull up the plants, because frost is overdue, but even with all the rain we're having, it hasn't frosted and every day there are enough tomatoes with a bit of red on them to fill a paper bag and ripen them inside. At some point very soon I'll be sorry, but for now I keep getting ripe tomatoes.

The laundry/mud room renovation is coming along, got the floor leveled and new plywood installed.

Our formerly-feral kitty (Pumpkin is her new name) got stuffed against her will into a carrier, shoved into the car and driven to the vet, yowling all the way in protest, to get her final vaccinations. She hates us right now (for her first vaccinations, she got to stay with her friend Lily the dog so she didn't mind) but she puts up with wearing her collar with rabies tag and our number on it, and she's starting to get over it.

Here's our "golden girls" Pumpkin 1 year-old cat, and Lily, 13-year-old Golden Retriever.

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