What did you do in the garden today?


May 30, 2017
West Texas
I was not expecting my garden to jump up and germinate this fast.. This garden soil must be awesome stuff! Mizuno, lettuce, radish, kale, and spinach are all showing themselves. I'm still waiting to see any sign of carrots and garlic.

The raspberries did back to the stems, but now the stems are covered in tiny, new green leaves. Looks like they might pull through. The blackberries started to die back a bit, but they all have new growth on them as well. The blueberry is... Existing, lol. The fig and apple trees are putting out new leaves as well. Considering the fact that the fig came out of the box with only one leaf, I'm quite happy to see more.

Wee Farmer Sarah

Crossing the Road
Oct 8, 2018
North Central Massachusetts
Good morning gardeners. We did get our first frost of the season. It was 34F when I got up this morning. It's warmed up to 43F currently at 10 am EDT. I'm finally installing the extra window I bought for the big chicken coop. I drilled the pilot holes when I went out for the early morning feeding. Then I pulled the 100 ft. extension cord out of the potting shed. Hopefully it won't take long to cut the hole and install the window. With all the rain, winds and clouds forecasted for this week the new window will brighten up the inside of the coop quite a bit. Obviously no work is planned in the garden today. When this weather system is finally over I plan to get the tulip bulbs in the ground. I know the price of maintaining chickens here in New England has gone up quite a bit this past year @WthrLady. But that's our reality. I checked online and TSC has the 40 pound bags of All Flock at almost $19 a bag. I usually get the 50 pound bags at a different store and the last time I bought feed they were about $18 a bag. Hopefully they haven't gone up in the past month. The shavings used to be $5.99 for an 8 cubic foot bale. They were $6.49 about 3 weeks ago. I understand prices vary from region to region and if you have the need and the storage space then buying in bulk can lower the overall cost. But that is not the reality for the typical backyard chicken wrangler. Sorry, I wasn't ranting, just explaining. Have a great day everyone.


Crossing the Road
Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
Harvested all 18 CornishX yesterday. We used the last of the crumble Friday morning, gave them all flock pellets Friday afternoon, so that worked out well from a feed standpoint. They are all nice sizes, we got straight run, so approx 50:50 M:F. Now we just have 2 Bourbon Red Turkeys to process in a few weeks, one M, one F.

rain, all day. Just N of us they are expecting around 5” rain today. I really hope it does not come farther south. We are currently expected to get around 1” today in our area. We were supposed to go to a festival today, but with the rain forecast all day, we decided to stay here, so that’s a bit disappointing.

we’ve been picking beets and beans, and carrots. Hopefully can get a bit more before real frost hits, likely soon.


Free Ranging
Nov 30, 2018
Lakeside, OR
Storming with wind and rain here off and on yesterday and more expected through the week. But it was nice enough to let me take Penny for her morning walk today.

I still have a metric ton of green tomatoes, I need to pick some more for relish at the least. And I found a new recipe (to me) for fried green tomatoes and made it for lunch yesterday. Turned out great especially with the Come-Back sauce from the same web site. If anyone's interested, it's : https://www.melissassouthernstylekitchen.com/fried-green-tomatoes/ And here's the link to her Come-Back sauce https://www.melissassouthernstylekitchen.com/comeback-sauce-recipe/
I promised to make oatmeal today or I'd make another batch. I might anyway, I like a savory oatmeal, it's like grits, you can have it with about anything.

I clearly way over planted tomatoes this season, the amount that's still out there and largely rotting on the vine is embarrassing. I'll go bigger on the carrots, beets, garlic, shallots, and assorted greens next season. The snap peas I planted late are producing a few peas, not enough for a real harvest but enough to snack on while I'm outside so the late planting did work.


Free Ranging
Apr 23, 2019
Yea @WthrLady, like @Wee Farmer Sarah welcome to New England! I paid $13 for all flock before Covid, it was $18 a couple months ago & now it's $20. I wish I had more freezer space, I'd have stocked up more on feed knowing it's only going up from here. The guy at the feed store said they used to get a monthly price sheet, now they get it weekly because it just keeps going up. He said he's never seen anything like it, but also said we will not see any shortages, just insane prices.

Aaaanyway, we waited for a tow for 12 hours yesterday, gave up at 1:30 am so I was tired today & did nothing (Lupus is really kicking my butt right now). No frost here yet, but we were close last night, it was chilly. Lots of rain coming & with it lots of leaves down, I'm sure.

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