What did you do in the garden today?


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Feb 23, 2016
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Still workin on getting the winterl garden area in shape and cover crops goin. But the task of diggin out the nut grass (a pet peeve) is slowin things down. Not to mention the rain. We have been gettin 1-3 " of rain every week, all summer long. I know I sound like i'm gripin and I'm not really, I haven't had to water much, But in our clay soil here it slows work down for a few days after every rain. Got almost 3" last night as a good cool front came through. Did manage to re-plant the cabbage plants. The 4 yo grand twins were helping me yesterday pull weeds and I missed it when they pulled them up too. Gotta love the little ones and their enthusiasm!
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Aug 7, 2020
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I didn't get home in time to actually get anything done in the garden. This weekend is supposed to be dry, so if I'm not helping DH with wood hauling/stacking, I'll be in the garden. I figure it needs a TON of work, so anything I do will help!

There is always something I could do in the fall to improve the soil, get rid of weeds, make the spring start up easier. Everything I do now will help come April.


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Nov 30, 2018
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Twin size bed . Using burr oak and will stain it cherry . 2 more boards to sand . Then pocket holes and finish .
I'm with @Sally PB, looking forward to pics!
Still wet dreary here morning Gardeners Rubber boots stylish wear
Yup, I wore my styling bright yellow chicken boots while pulling tomato plants today, Still a bunch more to pull but the ruins are piled high in the compost bin already.

Today was a shopping day and I've got a bunch of stuff to go to the freezer but I can still buy bacon so I'm happy! Got chopped straw, pine shavings, and a nice scratch mix for the ladies. Heaven knows they're already doing a real number on what used to be the wood chip pile that makes up more of the new open run area. They're still getting worms and grubs and other tasty dirt dwellers.

Oh and I was tossing split tomatoes to the hens this morning and while I was aiming them for open spots, one of the boss hens moved under my toss and caught a good sized tomato in the middle of her back. It hit right where a bossier hen would have pecked her for overstepping her bounds. OMG that hen spun around glaring to see who had DARED to peck her! Her posture just shouted her outrage! She then pecked every hen near her to make sure no one thought they had gotten away with anything. I felt a little guilty but not very much, it was too funny. :)

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