What did you get for Christmas??


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Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
Merry Christmas!!🎄

I thought it'd be great to share what we all got for Christmas. Lot of people live in different time zones so some have already finished Christmas and those who haven't. Feel free to post whenever you'd like!

Don't post photos of the following:
-Inappropriate gifts
-Animals given as gifts

At the time of this being posted, it's 2am here so I'm getting ready to go to bed. Since my family and I are going over to my grandmother's house later in the day, we have to wait to open our presents. Photos will be posted as soon as they've been opened!
I don't know what I got yet, but will definitely post later.

The animals are currently waiting to open theirs.
Well I don't know what I got yet either but I put a bag of orange slices in my chickens stocking. They love orange slices even more than they love mealworms! There are two bags of treats (no way they can eat that much) in the dog's stocking. We also did something different this year, a mouse stocking! That stocking has a bag of treats in it to. The mice will also get to test out one of those spinning saucer things from the pet store and get more regular wheels to run in! I got my mother a Supernatural season fourteen dvd, a chicken sign that says enjoy the little things with pics if chicks all over it, and a few paintings of silkies that are slightly ruined because I accidentally bumped into my dresser and spilt paint water on them. I'm giving my dad a coffee cup. I'm giving my grandma some sweaters (I didn't have time to finish her painting of a cardinal.) I'm giving my little cousins a collection of littlest pet shop toys that I found in my closet.
We have a roof over our heads, and food on our table. We have each other, our health, our dog, our chickens. We gave up buying gifts years ago, and now we just get something we need/want and call that good. One year it was a new mattress. One year it was a new furnace.

We always get new calendars.

But I love hearing other people tell their stories. Post on! :thumbsup

Best holiday wishes, BYC!
I got a Cosco 3in1 Dolly, a sewing machine carrier, canvas, acrylic and oil paints. Of course the dogs got their toys but the toys are just for fun and the stuffed toys only last for a maximum of 5 minutes before there is stuffing all over.
I got an rc car that barely works, a brand new drone that I haven't tried out yet, a bunch of little gifts like a few printed pictures of my chickens and a mug with a picture of a quail on it. I also got a thing that floats above your hand but it malfunctioned by flying about thirty feet into the air then going back down and landed somewhere in my neighbor's woods. We went and looked for it but it was nowhere to found.
I've got a pair of those in yellow too! They were great through winter this year!
I got my new chicks finally :D

I have been wanting new babies after I lost my 12 week olds to a very rude fox

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