What did you use your eggs in first?


10 Years
Nov 18, 2009
Lugoff, SC
I have been getting eggs for exactly one week and my first time cooking I simply made scrambled and fried eggs for breakfast. MMMM- MMMM good!! Sometimes the simplest way is the best way! Cannot wait to bake with them!
I just made 2 loaves of zucchini, amish sweet and pumpkin bread along with coconut custard pie. But I always like em scrambled.
now I'm gettin hungry. LOL
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I made egg salad with my first dozen eggs I got. my kids ate all the salad and left the bread and these kids love bread so it must of been pretty darn good for them, I know I loved it!!
The first ones I had for breakfast, over easy. When they started to accumulate, I made a poundcake. It was absolutely wonderful...moist with that wonderful egginess. It didn't stick around long.
After I stopped looking worshipfully at that first one like a fool....
I had it over easy with plenty of butter.

Next I saved up 10 to make a poundcake.
It had the most beautiful rich yellow color!

Once you bake with your own eggs you will never use storebought again!

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