What digs holes like this?


Sep 25, 2015
Void where prohibited.
I live in the Arizona desert. I see these all the time, but have never seen one in my coop. The ground in the coop is short of rock solid. I have also never seen anything enter or exit one of these holes. Any guesses?
Gee Joe... no pictures? How big are the holes. Without something to go on to narrow down prairie dogs, lizard, rabbit, snake then I'll go out on a limb and make the "guess" of...

Did I win??
Thanks for the pic. Since there is no webbing I'll have to change my answer to snake. What type well...
Something would have to chew like all get out to make a hole like this if it has no hands. I don't think a snake burrows like this, but I don't know what else would. The ground is so hard, that if I gave you a shovel and asked you to dig me a hole, you'd probably hate me.
Here in the deep South, we get holes like this that are crawfish. Only sometimes do they mound the dirt up around the outside edges of the hole. I'm thinking it's a lizard of some sort, really. I've never seen snakes make a hole that goes straight down

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