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Oct 3, 2010
hey i have to buff sussex chickens (12 week old) i bought on sunday last in wexford (ireland) i bought them off 2 different people.It was only when i got home i realized 1 of them had a sneezing type of thing the poor thing sounded really caught up lyke a bad cold and had runny yellowish poo?? the other buff sussex is ok i have the 2 of them together but the other 1 is ok and doesnt seem to be picking up the symptoms.

i have been reading up on the internet and it seems it has CRD!!! is this true??? please tell me how to cure it.
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Does your sneezing hen have any discharge from the nose or eyes? Does she have rattly breathing?

Just a sneeze doesn't necessarily indicate anything is wrong.

However, if it's more than just a sneeze, you need to know that respiratory disease in chickens is not curable. It can go into dormancy, but the affected chicken will still be a carrier - for life. Sadly, if you determine that this one has actual respiratory illness, i would recommend culling both of the new chickens. I'm sorry to say that. The second one (the one exposed to the sneezer) will probably not show symptoms for 4-6 weeks. If you're not sure, i would keep these two in isolation for 8 weeks and wait for the previously healthy bird to show symptoms from its exposure to the sneezer. If the second bird shows symptoms within a couple of months from now, you'll know that the sneezer was sick. There are extremely rare exceptions, but generally "cold" symptoms are a really bad sign in chickens. Chickens don't really get colds.
Because of where you live the only real option is a visit to a vet. You could try Poultry Spice but if it is CRD it will just be a temporary fix.

Any anti-biotic or meds that would help is only available through a vet. Where you are a drug called Tiamulin will work very well as will Baytril or Linco-Spectino or known here as LS-50.

Good luck with the birds.
thans for that one question wud i have to cull them or wud they eventually die from the disease ???
No you would not have to cull the birds. CRD is caused by a mycoplasm infection and the attitude where you are at is much different then here in the US about this.

I know of many poultry keepers in the UK that has it in their flocks and since they don't show the birds or sell them they are fine with that. A decrease in egg production is normal during bouts of the disease but the hens are usually treated with some Baytril and then a two week period of not eating eggs from that hen follows the meds.

This is a common problem with ex-batts as they have never been exposed to anything while in the battery barn.

If treated the hen may still live a long and productive life but if it goes untreated MG can cause lesions on the air-sacs and diminish the oxygen that the bird gets which can lead to other diseases taking hold.
i have another problem sorry 1 of my sussex hens has a lump about 3 centimetres off her back is this rare what is it!!!
she still interacts and feeeds normal nut there is something wrong what is it:(

buy the way my chickens are in care and are still ok incause u were wondering
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chickenman10, i would suggest that you start a new thread for this problem, so you will hopefully get more answer than you will tagging it on to an unrelated problem. Also, it will be really helpful if you can provide pictures.

I'm sorry you're having these problems. Hopefully it's nothing.

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