what do ducklings need to survive?

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    okay so im getting ducks this year and i would like to know what they need as ducklings such as food, space, what tempurature water they need to swim in etc. i would like everyones help. i almost forgot i need to know how deep a pond needs to be as adults.

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    We have some stickies on getting started with ducklings and ducks.

    Ducklings do okay with bath time if the water is warm (90F the first week), just up to their tummies, closely watched every moment, and done after several minutes. They poop out quickly and without oiled adult feathers don't really float all that well. But they are waterfowl and a warm bath is helpful.

    As they grow, it's okay to have a lower water temperature. But they need to be moved to a clean, dry, warm brooder immediately after bath.

    Adults don't really need a pond. Ponds can be a liability. Ducks enrich water rapidly, and many of us find that a kiddie pool or concrete mixing pan fill the bill, are easily dumped and rinsed and refilled, and work out fine.

    I would say, locate the duck area where you have good drainage out of the pen and into an area that will benefit from fertilized water. I have gardens downhill from my duck pens, and that works out magnificently, as I do not need to spend time watering or money buying fertilizer for those gardens.
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    Balanced diet, clean fresh water, protection from predators. Kiddie pools are fine. 90* the first week lower temp 5* each additional week. Water should be same temp as environment for young ducklings.

    If the ducks will only be in the house at night and NEVER be left inside of the house during bad weather medium-large size ducks will need 2.5-4 sq feet of floor space, per bird. If you live in an area with harsh winters or excessive rain/heat which may leave the birds indoors continually, 6-8 sq feet per bird is recommended. Take into account that nestboxes, feeders and waterers will take up space. The bigger the better.

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