What do Guineas need for winter?

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I have a tall 4 level shelving unit (very large) in the guinea pen but don;t know if I need to make it horizontal instead of vertical. My husband put in in upright but I think they will get in if it is turned horizontal with some legs on it. Any thoughts? They need a place to keep warm in winter ... correct? I am in PA... snow... Do you close them in a coop type like chickens or just let them in the unit with straw?
They need a barn and similar requirements as chickens..
I raise mine with the chickens and have no problems with them till snow is on the ground...
They freak out and will not walk on it!
They fly to the trees and won't come down.. So you can lose them to predators that way..
I have taken to keeping the barn door closed on snowy days....
My guineas free range 100% of the time. They roost in the barn usually with the goats. Once they abandoned their coop and never went back I never tried to put them back. They take care of themselves day and night, winter and summer. I don't do anything special for them. I have found the guineas thrive better being left to their own than trying to coop them like chickens. They free feed and do bug control over the acreage. I make sure to offer them a little bit of feed daily at the barn door so they always know where home is.
Mine free range too. They have for all the years I've had them. In the summer they roost in the elm trees and in the winter they move to the cedar trees. Nothing is stopping them from going in the barn, but they choose not to. When the ground is snow covered I do throw some scratch out for them...sometimes they come eat it, sometimes they don't.
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