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Feb 5, 2010
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I want to go in to ask about our ordinances for livestock (I want more than chickens some time!) but I have no idea where exactly to go, or what I would even ask for. Do they have just a packet for the ordinances that they would have here that I could get? I'm just wondering what I'm looking for when I do go in to see next week.. wherever it is that I need to go LOL Any advice?
what I did when I lived in the city was I went on the village website and emailed them about it. Unfortunately they told me I could only have pigeons or rabbits for pets only and couldn't be breeding them.
Sweetxlilac what I did is went to my city building and asked for a copy of every ordinance that pertains to animals. It cost me .10 a page I think, but that way I had everything, didn't tip my hand to what I was wanting to do, and prevented them from either not giving me everything or just telling me I couldn't do it.
Thanks, that's what I wanted to know! We have a lady up here who says no to everything before you can even get the words out of your mouth, so I don't want her to know what we're looking for either.
You need zoning code as well as city ordinances. They are OFTEN not the same document. Be sure to check the Rules of Construction at the beginning of each document. In many cases it will say that unless a use is specifically allowed, it is not.

You can probably get the entire set of ordinances for less than cost per page (unless there are only a few pages). One thing you might ask is help understanding how they are organized so that you can find different topics easily. And if asked what you are looking for, simply say that you aare trying to be an informed citizen und understand the laws and zoning in your town.
Our local library keeps a binder (so it can be updated) of the city's codes and ordinances along with the other resources. I think I told the clerk I wanted to look something up about kiddie pools or fencing regs (which I actually did) but she really couldn't have cared less. She just helped me find it and left.

I read through all the sections concerning animals and livestock as well as all the sections those referenced.

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