What do I call this coloring?


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I hope someone can help me out! This is a blue something marans rooster but it doesn't look like any of the other blue marans varieties I have seen. My girls are blue splash and they came from the same hatch. I would just like to know what to call this rooster (besides Rod Stewart. Doesn't he look like a rock star?).

He's a Blue Birchen, although like most Blue Birchens out there, he's poorly colored and has gold in there.
Haha he does look like a rock star. As far as I know this is called "Lavender Calico" but I'm only saying that because there were some silkies that I saw pics of that were the same color being advertied as this color.
Hope this helps
There are no Lavender colors in Marans, in fact few breeds have the Lavender gene.
Silkies are notoriously known for having a LOT of colors, many of them with "hobby names" such as Lavender Calico.
Poorly colored Birchen, huh? Well I think he is gorgeous!!
I like the gold in his feathers.

Thank you for letting me know! That explains why I couldn't find a photo to match him.
If you're not breeding him to be standard-perfect, then the poor coloring doesn't matter.
I just say it to explain why he wouldn't look like a normal Blue Birchen.
No worries, Ilia. I love Rod no matter what. I think he's sexy (unlike the real Rod Stewart!). He's got even more gold in his neck feathering in real life - looks just like a bleached rock star. Plus, he is the gentlest chickenest rooster on the ranch.

Thanks again for helping me identify his breed.
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I dont think his coloring has a spacific name sence he looks to have some sort of mix down the line or something.
Very handsome boy though!

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