what do I do for roundworms and lung worms?


MO Hick Chick
10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
What meds can I give to eradicate roundworms and lung worms? I am new to chickens and have no idea what to do.
Are you sure you have lungworms? Why are you worming? If you DO have lungworms, use a pea-size horsewormer for gapeworms. Put it on a treat.

I bought some adult chickens and another bycer bought the ones I didnt which are a part of the same flock as mine were. She said she is a vet tech and had the manure tested on hers and it showed lung worms and roundworms. I have some fenbendazole pellets for pigs/cattle it is safeguard .5% Can I use this on my chickens? If so what would the dosage be?
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local feed store didnt have ivermectin. Does anyone know how much of the safe guard i can use on them?

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