What do I do with flyers?

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    I've got two hens that have just easily cleared the 4' fence....they cleared it very easily so that I know if they took a notion, they could clear the 6' around our property. Outside that wall they are not safe....cars, dogs, coyotes, hawk, not to mention just getting lost. I can't make the wall higher. The only solution I can think of is to clip their wings. Chicken people -- what is your opinion about clipping wings? [​IMG]
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    I clip all of my bantam birds' wings.
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    I have two leghorns that fly very well. They can get onto the roof of my house. Even with a clipped wing they can both clear a five foot fence. I have found that as long as they have everything they need on my side of the fence that they tend to like to stay where they can see the rest of their flock and don't venture much further.

    I believe the idea is to just clip one wing so that the bird is off balance. I tried this and it had no effect so I did both. Didn't help. Perhaps if you have a slightly heavier breed it will make a greater difference. The wings will not grow back until they molt, just FYI. They seem to be able to jump very high as well.

    However, if you want a guaranteed I would build an enclosed run.
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    The best flyer is the Ameraucana (probably EE) and the Australorp is right behind. They do have a completely enclosed 9'x15' area where their henhouse is....then we gave them the rest of the side yard with just a gate....but they've previously had the thrill of wandering the entire backyard so I think they are just spoiled. My fault. I can't enclose the entire side yard and I sure don't want to keep them cooped up in their safe run....I just need to keep them within the 6' walls. I may have to clip. I'll have to look for a tutorial...I've never done it before.
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    There's a great tutorial on this website. It was much easier than I thought. I've found that if I clip mine they do not get out of their 4 ft fence. Good luck!
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    Thanks so much JesseK! [​IMG]

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