What do I feed and how much?

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    When we get our chicks, 12 to 15, what would be a good feed to start them on and how much. I know they make a chick starter, and the chickens eat oyster shells,( my grampa owned a feed mill) but I have no clue as to what, when and how much. Pleeeeeeeease help. I don't want to get the chicks and then not know what to feed them.
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    Jim, it's easier than you think. Your feed store will have chick starter crumbles - they have a higher protein level than the layer crumbles or pellets - as well as anything else your chicks are likely to need. You should NOT give them oyster shell until they are of laying age - the extra calcium can be harmful to young chicks.

    Depending on where you shop for feed, you'll find different brands available. A lot of folks seem to like the Purina brand poultry feeds. I usually just buy the Dumor brand that my local Tractor Supply Store carries.
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    In the Learning center at the top of the index page it tells all about these things.

    Enjoy your chicks!

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