What do I give my Chickens if I want to breed them?

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    Din't panic, I am not breeding yet, :p

    I was wondering what types of feed, vitamins, protein, grit etc. I would need to give my chickens if I were to breed them for selling?

    I know they need to be in amazing health so nobody gets sick or something from your sale. I want to be able to tell people what condition my chickens are in, exactly what I feed them and how often I clean the coop and all that.

    Thank you in advance!:thumbsup
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    Apr 6, 2014
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    There is no substitute for good husbandry. Keep feeding the usual feed that most here use. I personally use Alflock pellets At 2% calcium. I also offer cracked oyster shells free choice. Offer clean water and you can add a teaspoon per gallon of ACV. (apple cider vinegar). Healthy chickens do not guarantee healthy baby chicks hatching. It is a good step though. When your chicks hatch research into vaccinations for Mareks , and Coccidiosis. Healthy chicks will bring happiness to your customers. Feed your chicks starter feed naturally. The medicated version prevents coccidiosis. Mareks vaccine is given soon after hatching. Keep brooder clean and maintain the desired temperatures especially in the beginning days. Read up some on chicken genetics so you can have for sale what people are looking for. Barnyard mutts are fun but do not bring in many dollars.
    WISHING YOU BEST... and ask anything you have questions about. :thumbsup
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    Thank you!

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