What do I have?


Sep 11, 2019
Hi all.
Wondering if someone can shed some light in what chicks I have here.
I got half a dozen fertile eggs for a broody hen to sit on- sadly only 2 have survived the whole process and are now 11 weeks old. Mum hen has gone back to laying.
Because they were a mixture of eggs I'm not actually sure what I'm looking at. I believe the one to be a legbar and the other to be a bit orpington. And I'm not sure if i have 2 roosters, 2 hens or 1 of each. Is anyone able to help?
Many thanks 20190911_154820.jpg 20190911_154820.jpg 20190911_154721.jpg 20190911_154820.jpg 20190911_154721.jpg
I did think an orpington.
The other one looks like it has some creme legbar in it. Theres a tuft on the top of its head

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