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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by skyisfalling, Sep 14, 2009.

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    i recieved 35 eggs from a lady here that i have hatched...17 made it...which i am fine with...i have no idea what they all are so i will have to post pics...but i have a bantam yellow chick that has five toes and green legs...does anyone know what it is without pic...thanks
  2. Possibly Silkie? Does it have a bump on its head?
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    Any idea what breeds the seller has? Are these supposed to be pure breed, or might they be mixed? I know Silkies have five toes, but don't they have black legs?
  4. Silkies have blue legs. The poster might have mistaken them for black.
  5. Our silks have black skin, legs and beaks.Could be a polish they have a slate colored legs:confused:? Pics would help
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    I have a bantam Cochin/Silkie mix chick that has 5 toes, but the leg/skin coloring of the Cochin dad. So guess the Silkie traits aren't always dominant.

    Maybe a Silkie/EE mix chick?
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    Quote:Silkies have black skin and legs, 5 toes, and feather legs and feet...

    There is really no telling what the breed or mix is unless you know what chickens the breeder has and if they all run together or are separated by breed... There are some pure breeds that have green(willow) legs as a characteristic, but you can also get green legs by breeding a chicken with black or blue legs together with one with yellow legs.
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