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Feb 3, 2011
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OK, it is day 21, 5 pips, 15 chicks hatched, humidity fluctuating,(i think i spelt dat right?) and i was wondering is it normal for some not to have pipped yet? There was a total of 36 eggs. We would like to take some chicks out. We had one that pipped, zipped and is now dead.
Not to mention one is in danger of getting shrink wrapped!
I would really appreciate your help, you have helped so much!
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if you have any that are pipped or zipped, going in to save one might jeopardize all the rest..

do you have your humidity up to at least 60%
How high is your humidity? If one pipped and died, your humidity may be too high. I recently had a hatch where I thought the chicks were shrink-wrapped, so I kept upping the humidity. Well, I was wrong... they weren't shrink-wrapped, they were drowning. I unintentionally drowned 7 chicks.

How long ago did your chicks hatch? If they've been in there a couple of days and are dried out, it would probably be all right to quickly open the bator and move them to the brooder. If they are less than a day old, it's okay to keep them in there unless your humidity is so high, they're drowning (that's what we had to do... the ones we did hatch almost all drowned in the high humidity).

I wish you luck. I'm still pretty new at this, too, and still figuring things out. It takes practice, but congrats on having that many out already! Woohoo, chickiebooboos!
Fluctuating humidity is ok.

Chicks can stay in there for 24 hours. So it is really up to you if you want to risk the others.

It is normal for not all chicks to hatch. It is also normal for them to take a bit longer to hatch.

So, relax. Watch the little fuzzy butts. And post some pictures when you can!
Our humidity is currently 65 i think. It would be easier to tell if the chicks would stop standing on it.
Well, everytime a chick hatches the humidity shoots up to 85% and we use a blowdryer on warm, blowing it in the holes which drops humidity back down to 65. When should we expect them all to be pipped? BTW, the chicks started hatching yesterday morning and have barely stopped hatching since.
This is frustrating!!!!
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I would stop with the blow dryer.. that could cause shrink wrap.

the chicks are coming out of 100% humidity inside the shell.. even 85% is drier than that.. you have to expect the humidity to rise during hatching..

and do not think that you are quick enough to open the bator and snatch the chicks out.. believe me, you are not that fast..
I'm in the same position...21 eggs in the bator and only 8 hatched...now on day 22. What to do? Got my eggs from McMurry's...hopefully they're known for good eggs?

And as far as taking out the hatched chicks while other eggs are still incubating...you have to expect some humidity to be lost, but what's the alternative? You have to take them out at some point, right?
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