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  1. From the time you collect eggs, what do you do with them and why?...... Do you rinse them, wash them, scrub them, if so what do you use? what is the reason? Afterwards, do you put them straight in the fridge? Do you ever put them in the fridge? How long do you keep them refrigerated before use?
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    Quote:I collect them pretty much after being laid ( we know when each bird likes to lay) then just plop them in the fridge if they are for eating, if they are to be hatched then I place them in a cooler 50/60 degrees until I incubate but never keep them for more then a couple days before into the bator.

    I do not wash them, I do clean the nest box every day, its rare to have anything on the eggs, washing a egg will allow bacteria into the egg.
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    I do the same thing - right into the fridge. My buff just started laying about two weeks ago, and I have not gotten a dirty egg yet. If I did get a dirty egg I would wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it.
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    we collect our eggs daily, around 6 pm. if they are for eating they go straight into the fridge, if dirty, damp cloth then dry. if we are selling them, we clean them with a damp cloth and dry them. if they are gonna be for hatching, we collect them for about 7-10 days, leave them on the counter. why we do it, because this is pretty much what all of the info from this website recommends to do. so far so good.

    i did learn on here that if you find some eggs in your coop and don't know how long they have been there, you can put them in a container of water, if they stay on the bottom, they are still good to eat, if they float they are bad.

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