What do you do for a broody with staggered eggs?


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Jan 30, 2011
Two Harbors, MN
I asked this question under someone else's thread and apparently I killed it SO, I'll start over being that some one else was wondering something similar. One of my ducks went broody about 2 weeks ago. She must have been still laying eggs for a while though because when I first checked there were 6 and then a week later there were 18. Our other duck had a nest right next to hers and they combined the two and sit together. One of the ducks was much more dedicated and only leaves the nest once a day, the other has gotten better about staying put and I think they cover the nest well together no problem. What my concern is, is that the eggs will hatch day by day instead of all together because they were incubated steadily as they were laid.
What are the chances that one duck will hatch a first batch and the other will keep setting?
Should I let her hatch as many as she will and have an incubator on standby for the others?
Maybe I should candle the eggs and try and give each duck a batch that are close in development and incubate any that are far behind?
Or take the hatchlings as they hatch to try and keep momma put?
I don't really want to interfere now, I should have done that in the first place, oops! But I would like to see as many make it as possible.

Please share your experiences with this first time duck grandma and her maiden ducks (it's their first time too!)
I havent had any ducks go broody but my Australorp had 6 eggs all of the sudden there was 7 someone laid an egg when she was out eating. This egg was a week behind and I was worried she wouldnt be able to sit on it that long with taking care of babies, so I finished that one in the incubator and gave it back to mom after the hatch. He is still much smaller then the rest. Daddy is a barred rock.

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