What do you do to keep the noise down at night?


8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
My peacock is calling every night. My neighbors called the sheriff I think. He was here yesterday but I wasn't home. I need to build a shed and lock them in it or something at night? Is there anyway to keep the noise down or sound proof the shelter?
I know it is them. They call him and mine gets very upset. They are so hard to catch though. And here I was thinking that I need another male
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Since getting our peas we've found out someone else has them somewhere within a few mile radius.. They talk back and forth most of the day, and during the night.. Thankfully for us we are in true "farm land" and other then the city folk who moved in, no one is going to complain. As far as i'm concerned the "city folk" can deal with it..they moved to the country after all. We've had to get used to them talking back and forth most of the night.
I thought your peas.. were new.. arent they the ones you just got?? or forgive me if I have you mixed up..

are you talking about the ones you just got????
My birds go into their barns when it rains or gets too cold - they finally do this on their own. Even with the barn windows closed, you can still hear them if they call at night. The good thing is that they obviously feel safe in their barns and don't call nearly as much as they used to. I know what you mean about the city folks calling the sheriff or animal control - they think an animal is being hurt somewhere, or is caught in a trap. I just don't understand why city people move to the country and then complain about the aroma of cow manure, the quantity of horse flies, the call of guineas or peafowl, or *gasp* a fox or coyote that could get their tiny little dog.
I've been real lucky with my neighbors. The house is the original family farmhouse and in the 16 years we have lived there several different family members have lived there. Our guineas often wonder over there so every time one person moves out and a different family member moves in we always ask if the guineas bother them. Luckily they have all said no. As far as our peafowls' noised bothering them I think they are far enough away the peafowl wouldn't be too loud. Of course on the other hand, I have to put up with their cows and calves bawling all night when they wean them - they own across the road and also the pasture behind us. I would never dream of complaining to them about it though. It's just part of living in the country.

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