What Do You Do When There Is A Power Outage RE: Incubator

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. FunnyBunnies12

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    Should my power go out while I'm incubating, what is the best way to keep the eggs warm until power comes back on? I've been thinking about that with change in weather and storms what I would do if we lose power and the incubator can't run and keep the heat/humidity going.
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    Jun 6, 2010
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    Buy a power inverter and a extra car battery or use the one in your car....
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  3. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    One woman on here hatched an egg that she carried in her bra for 21 days.

    There are a bunch of good ideas on here. I've never used an incubator, so I'm not a good source, but have been amused at how inventive people can get, without going to the expense of a generator. If it's indoors and you climate is moderate, and the outage is short enough, a couple of blankets on the incubator may do the trick. For an hour or two outage, you may not need to do anything but leave it closed. ("Cedar Springs" doesn't tell much; a state or country would be better.)
  4. FunnyBunnies12

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    I'm in Cedar Springs Michigan. Hopefully no big thunder storms or high winds like we had about a week ago.
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    Dec 21, 2009
    Quote:In her bra? [​IMG]
    Wow, some dedication there - what breed was it?
  6. katharinad

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    The incubator you have will run off a 12 volt car battery. Only the turner will not work, but that can be done by hand. They have two plugs you can buy. One that plugs into the cars cigarette lighter and one that clips to a 12 volt battery.
    Quite honest the styrofoam is a good insulator and you will be fine for up to 4 hours. You can always wrap a towel around and over the machine to keep the heat in.
    I have not purchases either one of the plugs, because I don't think that we will get such a long outage. Plus I have a generator I can ramp up, if needed. I think we used it once in 6 years when the power went out in winter for solid 8 hours. That is not normal, but they were logging trees up in the hills and once hit the power line.
  7. grapesoda

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    Aug 18, 2010
    You can purchase a UPS (intended for computers and electric equipment) but it's basically just a powerstrip with a battery. The more expensive you go the more time you get on that battery. If only your incubator is plugged into it, you would have quite a bit of time on some of the mid range ones. Check out Newegg or some of the other computer stores under UPS.
  8. jrobertson

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    Apr 24, 2010
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    a generator is always a good idea. not only could you run your incubator, but brooders, refridgerators, freezers, etc. always money well spent. i'm going to get one soon seeing as how i'll have 3 dickeys running next year.
  9. FunnyBunnies12

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    That is what my dh and I are going to invest in when he comes home from Afghanistan for R&R is a good powering of the whole house generator.
  10. 1-duckling

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    Sep 1, 2009
    Definitely the generator was one of the best purchases. When the power goes I toss towels/throw blankets over the incubator and head for the shed to start the generator.When you select a generator make sure it is usable with computers because then you know it won't blow out your electronics in the incubator. It's been a while since I purchased it but I recall something about sine wave and the effects on electronics. Do some research. The quietest one I could find that would run the fridge, pellet stove, tv, microwave, and incubators was a Yamaha. I can hardly hear it when its running and has a key start with a back-up pull start.

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