What do you do while you are at work?


May 6, 2020
Do you let chicks run around while at work and just put them in your coop at night? What should I have outside for them? If I have pea pebbles on the ground all day is that ok?

Basically working people... what does that our before working routine and after work routine look like?
Before covid hit I was a full time barber (waiting on our governor to give us the go ahead to get back) and My birds were complete, 100% free range. I'd make sure they had food and water and they'd just roam freely. Since quarantine is now my life, I've built them a new coop and pretty sizeable run. Their coop doesn't have a run door so they can go freely to and from the coop. As long as they have "clutter" in the run section or a place they can hide from hawks and what not they should be fine. I made a few teepee looking things from sticks and branches i found laying around the yard to give them some shade and cover.

I have to leave my babies tomorrow and had to redo everything today because one figured out how to escape the separate but together part of the run And then could not figure out how to get back in and another tried to follow and got stuck. So I actually went ahead and integrated the 3 and 4 week olds with the 7 Week olds. So far so good but I had everything figured out and everyone was fine for a week and then all morning I had issues and was putting construction fence up all day along the chain link just for those little escape artists so I could integrate them. Then i figured out how to make some extra feeders and and waterers I figure the way I had it I know wasn’t working and it’s supposed to be hot here this week so I didn’t have the heart to lock them in the coop.

I’ll be a nervous wreck tomorrow and I’m starting a new job

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