What do you *do* with Bantams?


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Apr 27, 2008
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Okay, I have been hot and heavy after some silkies because I can't wait to (hopefully) see some little baby chicks following their adopted mama around our place next summer, but now I have a brooder (okay, a tank in my living room that is doubling as a brooder) full of three silkies and 8 or 9 other banties.

They lay little teeny tiny eggs, right? So other than looking at them, and thinking they're cute, what do I do with 'em?

To make it worse, there's an ad in the local paper for someone with Seramas (doesn't say whether they're adults or chicks) and that 'friendliest chicken in the world' thing is really making me want to go and check them out, as my current hens are ex-battery layers, and even though they have definitely warmed up to me, they still would prefer not to be touched, thank you. I want chickens that I can pet. . .

It's a sickness and I'm an addict!!

So, what will I do with all these little teeny chickens??

I have a cute white silkie. Now i got a second one. They are so cute to watch. And you can eat the eggs, they are delicious! Perfect size for a child, or anyone who wants just a little. A friend of my DH's says the little eggs taste much better!
Keep on petting!
Hmmm, I enjoy them for being cute & my silkie chicks that I'm raising are learning that I'm the cool person w/ the good food so they follow me around.

Oh, and their eggs are delicious. Organic eggs are much more nutritious, lower in cholesterol & higher in protein...and they're more filling than you think.

They are awesome bug eaters so they keep the insect population down. I didn't have as bad a tick problem w/ the silkies around.

Plus, they're just plain fun to watch!
they are cute, and addict freindly lol. you could eat them. but I like the little eggs with there bigger yolks and less whites, at least thats how all of mine had been. and all the wild colors
What can you do with Silkies?

1. Snuggle and pet them
2. Gather their tasty little eggs for breakfast
3. Watch them fall asleep on your hand or shoulder
4. Laugh as they fight over tasty treats like worms
5. Show them off to your friends who have never
seen a chicken dressed in a little bunny suit
6. Thrill when they come running when they see you
7. Laugh when they "chest butt" each other
8. Melt when you see them sleeping in a big pile
after half an hour diving under each other to
get the prime spot underneath everybody
9. Show them at the fair and display their ribbons
10. Love them and let them love you back.

Is that enough?
Great posts, guys, thanks so much!

As far as the eggs go, all of my eggs are organic, as I have 16 standard sized layers, but I will be very curious to try the little teeny eggs that my banties lay, once they are old enough to lay.

I guess for the most part they are going to be my hen house 'bling' and hope that they are as friendly as everyone here describes.

If I get the Seramas, I'll be sure and post some pics. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Banty cochins are great too- like little mops running around your yard. Even my little roos get along, and love a back rub. They are great foragers too.
Also- I have had much higher hatch rates with banty eggs (shipped or not) for some reason too.

* I only let mine free-range when I am home, because they are easy pickins for predators.
I was NOT a banty person. And then the evil JimnJay showed me Sizzles. So I caved in and got some sizzle eggs - because like silkies and bantam cochins - they're awesome broodies and my big birds are rather random broodies.

Then they hatched and OMG.

They look hilarious free ranging.

If you like a good laugh silkies and sizzles and seramas will keep you laughing.

The eggs make good food and more ... banties.

I not only kept the sizzles, I added silkies and seramas when a friend gave me some he had extra.

I love them. I still want and am dedicated to my large fowl but I can dink around with the little guys strictly for joy, they don't eat much and actually sell very well, even the spare roos, as pets.
We can easily eat the bantam Cochin eggs. They are a decent size for cracking, even if it takes twice as many for any recipes or scrambled eggs. Same with the Silkie eggs. Actually, I can get some decent Silkie size eggs from a few of my girls.

Now Seramas on the other hand, lay such teensie eggs that you will spend more time cracking them than cooking and eating them!

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