What do you do with bucklings??

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  1. I'm told that what to do with buckling kids is a hush-hush topic with many people. But here I am with two bottle bucklings that I can't seem to give away. I have them listed in the paper and on Craigslist - FREE to a good home.

    So what do you do with them? If you'd rather PM your response, please do.

    I may just raise these two up to 8 weeks then send them to the butcher. But honestly, I'd rather keep one doeling and the milk.

    When do I need to whether them?

    ETA: I also listed them on Freecycle. Almost forgot that.
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    You are in CO, right? We send any extra boys through Centennial Livestock in Ft Collins.

    If you have the stomach for it, they can be skinned, gutted and roasted like rabbits. (We don't!)

    If they are for meat, we just band them right before they go to auction or directly to the people that will be raising them.

    If they are for pet, we don't band until 8 weeks or after. Most of the time, we send them to their new homes to be bottle fed, and they bring them back later to band.

    If you are in CO, you don't need a brand inspection, and they will put a scrapie tag in if you don't (but they charge something like $7 a tag!).

    Beware though, I have lost money doing that many times. By the time I pay brand inspection, drive down there, and pay comissions, I'm usually on the loosing end...
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    Where are you located maybe someone on here will take them?
    If you breed animals I feel its your responsibilty to neuter them or find them homes. If it costs you $ oh well, you made them. I hate to hear of people dumping new babies or killing them off. [​IMG]
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    It depends on who you talk to....

    Some will do it starting at 1 week, but some argue this maybe too early.

    If you do it around a month of age, the spermatic cord is very easy to tear, and there is very little bleeding from the surrounding vessels.

    The longer you wait, the bigger "stuff" gets and the process is more involved. Usually the cord needs to be ligated or crushed and the vessels will bleed more. It seems more painfull the the animal as well....
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    What breed are they?

    Dairy breed boys bring very little $.

    And sending them to butcher at 8 weeks will probably yeild very little meat, but cost you about $45 to process...
  6. I am in Colorado, but it's more economical to send them to NM for processing.

    They are dairy kids (mostly Saanen) - yes, I doubt there would be much meat.

    I'm inclined to breed to a Boer buck next go round.

    ETA: It has been SOO long since I watched my dad process a rabbit that I don't know how! I'd like to learn, though. Maybe my brother will help me process one.
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    Quote:Honestly, that's your best bet. Raising a dairy animal for meat is counterproductive. There won't be much more meat on them at 8 weeks than there is at one or two. They put on a lot of bone, not meat.

    Doing it while they're small makes it easier to do it at home.

    I see nothing wrong with taking an animal's life, as long as it goes to good use.

    I do know that some people simply kill them and throw them in a compost pile. We don't do that.
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    isnt there just a weekend livestock auction close by that you can take them too? I have never seen a goat NOT sell no matter what breed it is...
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    Wishing I were closer. I'd take one for a pet. [​IMG]
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    Quote:wishing you were closer, I'd give you mine!

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