What do you do with sick chickens?

What do you do when you have a sick chicken?

  • I dispose of it ASAP

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  • I try to help it but wont take it to the vet.

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  • I will take it to the vet if necessary and pay upto 100

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  • I would pay over $100 dollars on a chicken.

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  • It would completely depend on what breed/chicken it was

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Because we do not have a vet here that treats fowl, I come here and get advise, try to follow it and if it is clear the bird is in distress I (Ken) culls it. It is not easy for either of us either.
Depends on whats wrong with the bird.
If its suffering..its culled RIGHT away... we dont wait to let it suffer and linger in pain.
We use the broomstick method...

But i DID bring my favorite rooster to the vets for bumble foot... soo... depends on the situation and if i have any money.
My geese...will ALWAYS go to a vet... even to be put down. They are just to big... and i dont feel comfortable that i could cull them humanely... so.. they will go to the vets.
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I haven't had to deal with this yet. I would treat it as well as I could. I doubt I would take it to a vet, although I have a few favorites that I might in some situations. If I thought it was in bad pain and likely untreatable I would cull it.
What is the broom stick method? Crack its neck with it?

yes..sort of.. its just as instant as an ax....
I would cull for illness or injury. It is survival of the fittest here. I do not have extra pens or cages to take care of sick or injured chickens. I do not treat splay leg chicks, crooked or curled toes, and do not "fix" slipped tendons (though I did try that once, unsuccessfully). No crippled or sick chickens here. I had a cross beaked chick, which I did not notice for quite some time. I cull for that too. I do treat for cocci in chicks, and I worm twice a year. I also dust for mites or lice. Though I love my chickens immensely, I don't consider them pets. I consider them a hobby, I guess. Never say never, but I don't plan to ever take a chicken to a vet. If I thought I had an illness in my flock I would call the state to check it out, so I would know what it was.
Cull for injury and illness. I just think the breeding flock is better that way, not breeding any less than healthy birds.

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