what do you do with your cockerels???


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9 Years
Jul 31, 2010
I have a RIR roo and can not keep it. Any suggestions on how to find it a new home or simply just cull it.
Can't bring myself to cull my cockerel and so I have to try to rehome him to someone brave enough to do it for themselves. My only request is that he does not suffer....guess its cragslist time.
My husband and kids will not eat anything I raise so away they go. I posted mine on craigslist and they were gone the next day. I meet at a local gas station though cause I didn't want them on my property in case of disease. That and there are some crazies on cl/
Stew pot of course........................... but I am guessing yours has a name and some sort silly of history am I right ??, I would roast him anyway, but that's just me.
We have had great luck at finding new homes for several extra roosters. At our local feedstore, we post a color photograph of the rooster and write FREE ROOSTER (and include our phone number). Doesn't take long and the phone calls start. Our handsome Silver Lace Wyandotte rooster ended up going to an optician who works at our nearby Costco... So when we shop at Costco, we also get an update on "Sarge."

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