What do you do with your extra Roosters?


Sep 21, 2020
Whenever i get in here i always catch up on the new posts and see this questioned asked a lot

Here’s what we do with ours!!!

We love the stuffing out of ours handle the daily I have 7 Roo’s in a large coop and run with 30 hens and have not the first problem with any of them

Is this not typical? Or doable?


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Each situation varies, like anything in life. If you're not having problems with those numbers, then that's great, unless you don't want feed all those boys.

Most people sell or give away extra roosters, if possible. Many people eat their extra boys, especially if they are still cockerels. Older roosters are tough and would take special preparation if the meat was not to be too tough, or they could be used to make broth. One final option that some people do is to have a bachelor pad for only boys. Without females around, the boys tend to get along better, though not always.
This is my quandary. I ended up with four males out of six in my most recent hatch. I hate the idea of culling a bird merely due to the fact that it is male, but they're loud, obnoxious, and are full of hormones right now. I've tried Craig's list, (no takers,) talked to my neighbors to see if THEY know anyone who wants a rooster for meat or for breeding, and even tried to pawn them off on the Lowe's delivery guys. No joy. I realize this is a very common problem, but I feel tremendously guilty about culling birds who've done nothing wrong. (I've culled a people-aggressive rooster.)
I guess that I just want to whine about the decision I have to make. Thanks for listening.
If it works it works...until it doesn't. Sometimes you have days, sometimes weeks and sometimes months or years. With roosters, yesterday has very little to do with today's behavior, being raised together has little influence, sometimes space is an issue, sometimes it is not, sometimes hens are an issue, sometimes they are not.

If it is working, enjoy... but do have a plan B ready to go.

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