What do you do with your roos?

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Aug 4, 2013

I am incubating some eggs and I have a few chicks already. I just want to keep maybe 4 or so hens in a little coop out back; I do not want roos. I bought bantam white crested polish eggs (black, cuckoo, blue, khaki, chocolate - some may be frizzle) from quality stock. How hard is it to find homes for roos? If you sell roos, can you readily find them homes or is it hard to get people to buy them? I am wondering if I should sell them or just try to give them away. I paid a decent price for the eggs and would like to recoup my money, but I will want to get rid of roos quickly too.

Mutt roos are hard to get rid of, however quality stock will get you a pretty penny. When you sell you want to list what line they are (where they came from) and if there are any that were prize winners of any kind in their parents you would want to list that as well. Good luck!
It will really depend on your area. Ornamental birds don't seem to be really big around here, I see polish roosters on CL that folks can't seem to give away. Dual purpose roosters are either free or $5-10. I've seen nicer looking Marans roosters go for around $20-25, that's it.

I eat the extra roosters I hatch out.

You might want to slow down the hatching until you see how well you'll do getting rid of them.
X 2 on it really depends on where you live, and what kind of roosters you are trying to place. Around here, you can sell duel purpose roosters and show quality or any exotic or "in" breeds, but small breeds you can't give away. For show, you might want to contact the 4-H or FFA in your area to see if any of them do chicken projects and if they might have members interested in your birds. If you don't want to process them yourself or give them to someone who will, you might want to start looking for homes for roosters now, that gives you a few extra weeks to find places for them.
We eat our extra boys as well, even the bantams if I can't give them away. I don't bother advertising our big guys, they'll always be room for them in my freezer, but I at least attempt to give away my Silkie boys, their feathered feet and small carcass make them a pain to process (plus, they're so darn cute :/ ).

Anyway, go onto your local Craigslist and see what people are selling/looking for in your area. On the Craigslist for my area, there are TONS of wanted ads, but even other people that are selling birds will give you an idea of what's "hot" in your area and general pricing. Good luck :)
Oh, I forgot to mention, if you happen to end up with a bunch of extra girls, selling them in pairs or trios is another good way to purge your unwanted roosters.

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