what do you feed geese?


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Apr 22, 2008
What do you feed geese? I have a friend who has a couple geese and she has been feeding them chicken lay mash. She imagines that there must be another type of feed. What could I tell her to get? Can she get goose food at a feed store?
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We feed our geese and ducks flock raiser.(i think thats the name of it..)..we get it from TSC... i think its from Purina??
But anyways.. it says it can be feed for chickens and ducks and geese..
I mix flock raiser or layer crumbles with scratch. Can't always get to TSC for the flock raiser. What I want to know is- what about winter time? Right now all my birds are free-ranging, but the grass is about dead for the winter. There won't be any greens for them to graze on so.....?

I grow and buy turnip greens for the birds, but with the appetite the geese have i'll be broke in no time. Someone suggested "all stock", but I know the chickens will get into it and I don't want anyone to get deficient.
We feed ours just chicken pellets
I thought that Flock Raiser was intended for young poultry up to 20 weeks of age. I give my ducks & geese layer pellets once they're grown. They do forage in the yard for much of their sustenance, but always like to have some pellets first thing in the morning and right before bed. That's a good question about getting greenstuff to geese in the winter (here in South Fla I never thought about that). I don't know what other folks do, maybe you could grow grass from seed in shallow trays and set some out every day or two for the geese to graze upon.
Aside from the plants in the pond and grass in the yard, my geese get chicken layer pellets, scratch and lettuce that the local produce market saves for me. They are also frequently seen cleaning up after the wild birds at the feeder.
Thanks for the help! She was thinking that the extra calcium and whatnot in the lay mash wouldn't be good for her gander. Is that something she should be concerned about?
Now that my ducks have started to lay... I'm going to mix the flock raiser with the chicken layer pellets... so they get a bit more calcium...

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