what do you get mixing Dark with Buff Brahmas ?


Thank you Clint, so if I read right the page on sexlink the buff roo is red sex linked so the female chicks will be redish and reconisable compared to male chicks. do I get this right.
Well you wouldn't really call your buff roo "red sexlinked" The color of Brahmas is called Buff Columbian and pretty much any buff/black or red/black roo has the gold genes, and the color of the Dark Brahmas is called Silver Penciled so they have the silver genes, and you have to cross a roo with gold genes with hens with silver genes to get red sexlinks, so crossing the Buff roo on Dark hens should give sexlinks that should be fairly easy to recongize at hatch, I would think the hens would look more like Buff Brahmas, but would most likely have some degree of penciling in the adult plumage, same way with the roos but I would think they would look more like Light Brahamas with random black penciling marks. They should technically still be Brahmas though.

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