what do you give your chicks?


8 Years
May 24, 2011
I currently give ours poly vi sol in the water and yogurt with their mash. I was wondering about apple cider vinegar. What is it good for and would it be safe to give it to my 2 1/2-3 week old chicks. Could I add it to the water at the same time as the vitamins? Does it matter if we use a metal water container with it?
I give probios, polyvisol, and ACV in their water. You can not use metal container with the AVC. I've done this since day one. I used 1/2 dose vitamins for the first two weeks with my bantam. She had a problem with pasty butt.
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I have 4 week old EE & silkies --any ideas about treats to start giving the girls? Im trying to tame them with lots of mello play time, but i think a super yummy treat would help. Right now they are just eating the chick starter food with a little organic layer.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
My chickies LOVE, LOVE meal worms- make a kissy sound every time you offer food/treats and in just a few days they will come running every time you make the kissy sound! One word on the meal worms, offer enough so that everyone has an opportunity to grab one or two- it turns into a feeding frenzy!
my chickens love weeds!!!!! I go and gather a huge clump of dandelion leaves and clovers etc. and within 5 minutes, my 16 5 week old chicks have gobbled it all up and are looking at me like "you can't seriously have thought it would take us all day to eat those did you???"
Weeds?! Perfect! Thats a great idea.

So i was planning on picking up some meal worms if there were any stores open today...... But then during this mornings play time, one of the chicks found a june bug and it was crazy!!! Chicken keep away, or chicken rugby started and they were all over the place over the nasty beetle! I was super excited cuz I cant stand june bugs, so i found a few more laying around the garage and fed them to the girls. Good chickens! I can add that to my list of reasons why i love my chickens!
I will start the kissy noise - treat association - great idea.

Well i gave them weeds but they found a june bug while they were out playing, and it was a feeding frenzy!
They ate some of the weeds but the june bugs are the new favorite thing. I hope there arent any side effects to over june bug consumption...... Cuz they are free and everywhere!

Its gross, but the babies love 'em.
Now i have a bucket of june bugs
I put a light near the top of the coop so the june bugs can get in...never seen a chicken yet pass up a june bug...as young a 2 weeks. A bug light will make them happy.
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I give my chicks appropriate feed and fresh clean water. That's it. No additives, no vitamins. They go out free ranging starting at two weeks old under supervision (for brooder raised chicks) or at a few days old if they are with a broody hen. When out they eat greens, bugs, whatever they happen to find and think is appropriate to eat.

Haven't lost a chick to illness yet. *knock on wood*
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