what do you guys think about just purchasing another day old chick?


11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
spring valley , CA
seeing as how i only have one good egg left i am considering buying another day old chick so that the one i have isnt all lonely. what do you guys think? i am home most of the time but not always. what do you guys think?
The first time I ever did shipped eggs I only had one hatch and I went to the feed store and bought a couple of day olds to keep him company. Now I always put a couple of my own eggs in with the shipped eggs so I don't have that problem again.
It's a very good idea

Chickens are social *flock* animals ... they like company.
I'm in the same situation. Only one out of 10 eggs hatched. I plan on giving the eggs another day or two, but the one chick is chirping away and needs a friend! It's been over 24 hours and the chick is still in the incubator. I want to get another chick before I put this one in the brooder, but none of the stores I've called have chicks at the moment. Not sure what to do now. I do have some 3 week old chicks which I have moved to a brooder in the garage. I can't believe how big they are compared to the new chick. Will the baby chick be okay by itself until I can find a companion for it?
Good idea-I put some mutts in with my shipped eggs this time, and it looks like I did the right thing. Only one of my shipped eggs is good at this point!
yea the box that arrived with the eggs looked kinda beat up but i figured that since the eggs where ok it wouldnt be a problem. now im thinking that it was a big wast eof my time oh well lesson learned i guess
Yeah mine all looked ok, but only two were growing-now I think one of them may have stopped along the way. I am going to try again with some shipped eggs from Grace (Gracefulbantams) so we'll see how that goes. I did order a genesis so I may have better luck with that. I'm also going to get some from a local bantam breeder to set with those so that I don't have a lonely one on the next batch.

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