What do you guys think of this?


Oct 19, 2010
California Central Coast

kind of surprised by the no nest boxes and no roost in the coop, also this sounds like more work than I spend cleaning, but we're 'attempting' deep litter. I did rake up the chicken run this last weekend and dump it in the compost, but we didn't really think it was necessary I just wanted to clean it up before my kid has her birthday party lol. I do scrap poo off the roosts, steps, and ramps probably once a week, but I just let it drop onto the litter.

Just curious what people think of it. I do think it's great to encourage more people to keep chickens, it's so much fun for the family and great for kids to see where food comes from so anything positive is good I think.
It looked like there was one little roost over where he said the "huddle by the door", but its funny that he didn't mention it. I would think with no next boxes it would be a guessing game on where to find those eggs! What do I know though, my chicks are 6 days old!
I use the deep litter method and only clean out the coop twice a year. We scrape the droppings boards into the litter a couple times a month. Our method is MUCH easier. Clean the coop every week? No thanks!

And yes, nest boxes are a must! Mine get cleaned and restocked with fluff once a month (although the girls are really good about keeping the nests fairly clean, they do like to scratch the fluff out of them). The chickens in the pics looked pretty small. I doubt they are laying yet. They still have time to put in nest boxes.
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her coop does seem a little strange

no locks on those back flaps

seems like it would be drafty too

at least it's finished, mine isn't at the moment
Right now I use hay but I am open to new ideas! The hay sticks to my beautiful marans' eggs and the color is then marred. Anybody have any better ideas? Can't think of anything that wouldn't rub the color off of these eggs when they are wet.
I am taking a break from cleaning my coop, usually it gets done 3-4 times a year. I have been using my shredder paper in the nesting boxes and the girls all seem pretty happy.. Just saying..
I'm gonna try that shredded paper out as nesting material.

BTW I don't think less time cleaning the coop translates to less time with the chickens. In fact quite the opposite! I have so much more time to enjoy my girls now that I have an efficient set up for them. I never used to enjoy my chickens as much. They used to be so much work! Now they are just so much fun!!!

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