What do you know about Ball Serama?


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The Dragon 'Toy Soldier' type is the best known of the Malaysian Serama types and most people in the U.S. seem to be trying to breed towards that. I like the more natural look of the Ball Serama. I haven't been able to find a whole lot of info on them.
They are the variety that allows the most room for internal organ growth. They are naturally going to be heavier than a Dragon type of the same height.
I haven't heard of the term "ball serama," but now you've got me curious! Anyone have pictures?

I prefer for my seramas to be a little more natural-looking, too. I like them small, but not too small, and the really typey ones worry me a bit. I doubt they would have the best lifespans and hardiness. I love seramas, but for me looks and health ought to be balanced. I get really attached to my chickens, so I want them to live a long time, be fertile, and have a good quality of life.
The four main Malaysian types are Dragon, Apple, Slim and Ball.
A Google search for "Ball Serama" images returns zero results.
You can find some info listing short legs and angled wing position. The same paragraph is pasted into most other links about Ball Serama.

These genes probably pop up in quite a few clutches but are likely considered culls to those looking to breed Dragons.
That the reason I chose Old English Game as my standard size breed.
The hens can keep laying for years and unlike most breeds don't have to be sent to freezer heaven after two years, as Cmom called it.
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I don't know if Peanut has some Ball genes or if he's just round due to his Silkie fluffiness
or if it's because of me constantly showering him with all kinds of treats for the last 8 months?

I found this thread doing a search for a photo of a ball type Serama too. I know this thread is a bit old but hoping someone has found some information or photo's.
My chocolate pullet is the closest that I have to what I would visualize a ball type to be

She's short and round, chest full and high. I think the ball type is shorter and even more round though, still trying to find photo's
Nah, I still haven't found much either but Ball seems like the easiest of types to strive for, providing you've got suitable stock.

The rounder, the better. Spherical is more self-explanatory than any other type.


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