What do you think is wrong with my silkie?

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  1. debs58

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    Sep 2, 2009
    I have lost a few white silkies over the last 3 years and each time they appear to have had the same symptoms and i am yet to figure out what the actual problem was.

    They appear to be fine when they are first born and then at 6-12months they seem lethargic with their heads buried down and when they get up a bit of speed they tip over sideways like they are drunk. Then usually die within a week.

    They are from a clean enviroment, they are wormed frequently they are not caged they are allowed fresh grass in a paddock all day. ( we are rural)I have checked them for mites and lice.
    There eyes are fine, they eat a good grain mix and always have plenty of water. They also have a bit of bread either dipped in a small amount of milk or water, ive grown up doing this and don't know if this could be a problem with silkies.. They are not on wooden purches.

    They are from different breeds, and it doesnt happen to often ( 4 all up over the last 3 years) but its interesting that they appear to have died in the same fashion.

    Thanks in advance

  2. purpletree23

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    May 15, 2009
    Do you only feed them a grain mix? They should be fed a chicken feed that has all the proper vitamins and minerals they need.

    Until others can read your post I would recommend getting Poly Vi Sol vitamins and give each 1 drop by beak in the morning and one drop at might. I'ts a liquid baby vitamin that can be found at any drug store or wal-mart. Get the formula without iron. i believe wal-mart carries a generic formula.

    How many have you lost over 3 years? What percentage of your flock.
  3. chickenzoo

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    It sounds like wry neck. On occasion I will get some develop this. It is often from a vitamin deficiency. You will need to separate them, start them on a good vitamin like Avia charge 2000 or poultry -Nutri Drench, or even a Childs Poly-vi-sol liquid vitamin. You will also need to give vitamin E capsules, buy breaking open a E gel cap and dripping it in their mouth. You may also have to hand feed them if they can not drink or eat on their own. normally will see progress in 3 weeks on those that will make it. Search Wry Neck on here and it will give exact info. and dose.

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