What do you think of these reds? lots of pics, sorry

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Sep 12, 2010
Here is Mr and Mrs Red. (my daughter is an awefull namer, last year her rooster was "Rooster" and she had a hen named "Omlette", also a bucket calf named "T-Bone") This is the hen that won't lay and hasn't layed since we got her in September. I'm a newbie with showing and what not, but do they look like decent quality for 4H aside from feathers being a bit rough right now. Any advice/critiques are welcome. Thanks




And for good measure, my daughter and "Rooster" Grand Champion Poultry Showmanship last year. Definately not a good breed specimin, but she had a blast with him.


It improves the sheen and integrity of the feathers.

They look pretty nice - And kudos on having the rare Rose Combed variety.

One thing I will say of - the 3rd photo shows the male having a seriously hunched or "roached" back. That is really something you do not want. The back should be level and straight, going smoothly into the tail, not humping and then dropping where the tail begins. In my experience this is often an actual physical fault. If he didn't have any feathers, you'd notice his back is literally hunched.

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