What do you think of this coop?

The first thing I would ask is the size. I just looked at one on the local craigslist that the lady said was good for 12 chickens. I didn't think so and asked her the measurements. She said she would get those and get back, she hasn't yet.

Know how many you're planning on, what breeds, whether they will be large or small, then let that determine it the house will work. The house in the picture looks good. Looks well built and the detail is nice. The builder knows carpentry so the sturdiness should not be a problem. I like the everything I can see about it but the size and your needs will make the difference.
After studying the photos I would guess that the coop is 3ftx4ft + nest boxes.
That is 12 sf. - ok for 3 Full size chickens max.
The sellers claim that it will hold 8 chickens easily is Bullpucky. You could shove 8 chickens in there like sardines but they will not be happy.

Other than that it looks like a great coop.
I'm betting Cargo is right...it looks to have about a 3x4 floorplan (excluding nestbox area). Nice looking little coop. But always go by dimensions (not including nest boxes) rather than how many chickens someone says it will hold. Definitely worth finding out dimensions of that coop - looks well made.
Why not try this...http://www.lowes.com/pd_321314-1217...3_4294937087_?Ns=p_product_price|0&facetInfo=

With the money you save, you could add windows, and nesting boxes. It's double walled, so insulation is not needed.
With a little modification, it would make one very nice Coop.

(It's also larger...More Chickens.

Because we really don't have the know how to do modifications. And our time is pretty limited. Maybe if there was a step by step tutorial on how to convert one we could maybe do it. Maybe.

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