What do you think: Planet Waves Humidipak


5 Years
Jul 26, 2014
Tucson, AZ
Would this work in a styrofoam-type incubator? The randomness of how much water to put in the bottom of my Hovabator is killing me!


Description on Amazon:

Humidity Control
The Planet Waves Humidipak system is a patented "two-way" humidification system that can add or reduce humidity within an instrument and its case. This eliminates the guesswork and maintenance commonly associated with other humidification products.
It's All Relative
The Humidipak system lets a musician store their instrument and feel confident that it will be kept at a constant level of relative humidity. The 45%-50% relative humidity level that the Humidipak resides at is ideal for protecting and preserving the finish and wood of an instrument.

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