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    Feb 21, 2009
    i'm not sure if i'm allowed to do this, but it can be locked or deleted if i can't. and i'm sorry if i'm not allowed.

    anyways, i need your opinions on a convo with a guy i like. all names have been changed or taken out. i'm not sure if he likes me or not, i can't seem to tell.

    him: so you wear braces or you already got yours off? the ppl in that office or atleast the guys are soo wierd like their lil kids or something lol.

    me: haha. i still wear them. i don't even have them all on yet. they seem to love you though! they forgot about me after you left. i was sitting there for like 10 minutes before they remembered. they also forget my name on a regular basis, but its okay. haha.

    him: lmao!!! yes i make my presence known when I go there thats for sure. I hate how I cant understand anything the russian lady says at the desk. but yea they can be forgetful haha. that sucks you still got a while, but hey. atleast you have teeth [​IMG]

    me: yeah, at least i have teeth, thats always a good thing. lol. but the russian lady is the only one that always remembers my name, but she says it really wierd. so how did your prank with mrs. r go?

    him: it went really well sh thought it was hilarious. Im just glad the 3 culprits arnt in trouble hahah. Then she played a prank on ms. bavaro pretending to be sick and one on miss hebb. the russian lady drives me friggn crazy and I dont think she remembers anyones name, shes just got your file up on the computer hahaha.
    so what were you and brandon doing behind the doors the other day, it was a little...sketch haha.

    me: haha yeah. he liked me and he wanted to talk to me.
    but thats good. mrs. r is pretty funny. she loves the stickers and everything. she was pointing them out today. were you one of the people that hid all of mrs phelps stuff?

    him: hahaha yea! that was all me and kenny. haha thats soo great. but is anything happening between you two?

    me: nope. nothings happening.
    but it was hilarious watching her try to find everything! she couldn't find her compass so she was like climbing on desks and looking on top of the cabinets then she was crawing on the floor. it was soo funny. you guys did a good job!

    him: haha oh wow thats great! I can sooo imagine that too. we hid them under a bunch of papers. glad to hear it haha. so why isnt anything happening?

    me: well congrats on a successful april fools day! lol. but nothings happening because i didn't like him and he kinda freaked me out a bit.

    him: hahaha oh wow!

    me: wow what?

    him: he freaked you out. lol

    me: yeah he did. he was saying how i was the "special girl he was looking for" and he had talked to me on facebook once. i found that a little....odd.

    him: lmao thats hilarious. that would have creaped me the hell out so i dont blame you.

    me: yeah. he started talking to me after i commented on his status about how girls are complicated. he was always saying like "you're so pretty" and i mean, it was nice, but it felt creepy.

    he hasn't answered yet, so thats the end.

    again, i'm really sorry if i'm not allowed to do this.

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