What do you use in bottom of run and cedar question...

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Our babies are 2 weeks old, so we have to get started on our coop! Couple of questions.....coop will have attached run, do we need to put something down on top of grass? My husbands concern is they will kill all the grass, then it will just be a muddy mess everytime it rains. Will grass survive 3 chickens? Put sand or something else down?
    Next question, I know cedar is bad for chickens, but what if it's just used as trim on the outside of coop and stained? Trying to make it look like a little version of our house. Husband also wants to use T-something siding? Any issues with that as long as good ventilation?
    Anyone with answers greatly appreciated!!!!

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    The grass will be gone, gone, gone in no time at all!!! I have been using straw and I really like it... Cedar on the outside of the coop should be fine. Ventilation is very important, of course. T-1 11 is fine for siding, just make sure it gets painted, otherwise it won't hold up to the weather... Enjoy your chickens!
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    With just 3 chickens you may want to consider a movable run. If you move it often enough the grass may not sustain too much damage as long as the run is big enough. otherwise sand is also a good option.
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    You might want to check out my "fix a muddy run" page (link in .sig below), as it is not just about fixing but also about *preventing* [​IMG] There are a lot of things you may wish to consider.

    As far as grass, it won't last long but there's no point in putting anything on top of it while it's still THERE. May as well let the hcickens enjoy it [​IMG] Once they've exterminated it, then you can decide what if anything you want to add to the run.

    Cedar trim is no problem whatsoever. Neither is T-111 siding (plywood with grooves in it to make it look like barnboard or panelling). So, knock yourself out [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,


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