What do you use in your nesting box


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Jul 25, 2013
We only have one hen thats laying at the moment but she wont lay if we dont keep some sort of nesting in the box...so far we have used leaves but shes kicking them out. What else can I try?
I've used grass, straw and pine shavings. My favorite thing is an excelsior mat that is available from many poultry equipment supply places online.
I was looking at the mat online today. Wondering if my local store has it. Does your hen like it?
All hens are different. One flock loves them and keeps them clean, another flock tears them up. Feces and debris tend to fall through keeping the eggs clean and there's little contact area so the bloom doesn't stick to the bedding much.
I use pine shavings, with a rubber mat underneath that's easy to clean. Been working great for my gals. I use about 8" layer and they have set both boxes with a nice shallow "nest" and bermed walls all around. I never have dirty eggs and only clean out the shavings once a month. I've only once found bird droppings in the nest box.
I just worry about her kicking the bedding out like she does with the leaves. Think the mat might be more stable.
We use pine shavings. There is rarely poo in there and we've never had a broken egg either. We get it pretty cheap and don't have to clean it too often. Of course, our hens (and we only have two) share the same nesting box. I'm worried what they'll do when we set up their new coop in a few days...anyone know if we'll need to retrain them to the new nesting box location or is this something'll they'll sort out on their own? I guess we'll wait and see...I have a golf ball on hand just in case they're having a hard time with the move :)

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