What do you use to clean your bator?

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    Dec 7, 2010
    What do you clean with prior to adding more eggs?

    I have 48 Heritage RIR eggs being shipped from a breeder in AR today. Should be here by Wednesday. Need to have it ready.


  2. I use a 5 step process when I clean an incubator..
    1) clean out all the loose gunk
    2) wash with a mild dish detergent to get the rest of the gunk and then rinse
    3) when it LOOKS clean I wash it again with vinegar and rinse
    4) wash again with baking soda mixed with water and rinse
    5) wash a final time with hydrogen peroxide and rinse, dry and then let air dry to remove any excess dampness

    may sound like a lot of cleaning.. but this way i KNOW it's clean and no harsh chemicals that will harm the next batch of eggs have been used
    I have a 90 - 100% hatch rate and have never had a problem with nasty bacteria killing my eggs or any funky smells from using chemicals
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    Thanks for this...I'm going to try it...after my last hatch the bator didn't smell too good [​IMG] . I did clean it and left it in the sun to dry but I want to make sure it is safe and clean for my next hatch.

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